Holistic Education & Life Care Planning

Essential Oils

We absolutely love essential oils! Want to know why? Let me share a few points, NOBODY likes to swallow pills, but everyone needs some support. So, what’s the alternative, with essential oils you can swipe a few drops of oils with their powerful health properties on the skin or just inhale. How easy is that?

Secondly, God has given us a HUGE pharmacy of plants, spices, barks and trees. The essential oils of these plants give us the protective benefits they gave the plant. Oils can support your mood, health and give you a toxic free environment.

You might think learning about essential oils is too hard, no way! Cheat and buy the book. That’s right, there are perfect resources, so you don’t have to learn a thing, just follow what the experts say. My all-time favorite is Modern Essentials Usage Guild. It’s even color coded to give you the first, second or third choices for any health need. And it comes in an App for the mobile phones.

Now, here is where I get, all oils are NOT the same. I know you hear that everywhere but if you love science like I do, you understand the cheap, adulterated way most essential oils are made and marketed.

Here is the bottom line. If you are going to use an essential oil for your baby, dog, or on you, you need to be sure it is the most powerful and pure form of the oil. Anything else can be toxic. We only use Doterra oils for purity and strength.

Now we want to invite you to use these amazing gifts of the earth.

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