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Life Care Planning

What is the Definition of A Life Care Plan?

A Life Care Plan defines, organizes, prioritizes and mobilizes every aspect of an elder’s care. A Life Care Plan typically includes provisions for care coordination and other forms of family support. The goal of Life Care Planning is to promote and maintain the health, safety, well-being and quality of life of elders. Every Life Care Plan is designed to achieve three primary objectives:

  1. Make sure the elder gets appropriate care, whether at home or in a residential facility, to maintain the quality of life that he or she desires
  2. Locate public and private sources to help pay for long-term care while resolving issues created by the high cost of care
  3. Offer peace of mind that results when the right choices are made to ensure loved ones are safe and getting the right care while preserving family resources.

Maureen Rulison utilizes “the whole person approach” helping elders and their care partners to understand the natural progression of aging and its impact on a loved one’s health, mobility, housing and financial resources. An initial meeting with Maureen Rulison may focus on the elders place on each line of the Care Continuum. Gaps in care can then be identified and solutions discussed for closing those gaps. In addition to traditional asset-focused elder services; Maureen Rulison can help elders qualify for public benefits while preserving family wealth to the greatest extent possible

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