Holistic Education & Life Care Planning

Membership Plan

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Monthly Membership Benefits:  $30/MONTH

Join our community!  Connect with others that on this journey.  Avoid the biggest mistake caregivers make-  THEY DON’T TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES!   

  • Have 24/7 access to our private Facebook group to ask your questions, make friends, and know you are not alone.
  • Live interviews from top professions in eldercare.
  • Latest tips in holistic health and aging
  • If interested, get support to build a home-based business to have an income flow and interact with others!

Mastermind Members Class: $397.00

Don’t need the monthly support?  Anxious to dive right in? The Mastermind includes a group online class (limited number of participants) where we assist each participant with the completion of their own Plan for Life Book. In addition, each participant will receive:

  • In-depth discussions of each section of the Plan For Life Book
  • Referrals to related professionals and community resources.
  • Tips for great health, creating beautiful spaces, memory support, pain management, financial planning, legal planning, emotional support and nutritional support.
  • Steps to building a home-based business which will provide income, avoid isolation and help maintain superior health.
  • During the mastermind class, the participant will have access to our private Facebook page. The participant may also elect to continue their membership after the coaching is completed.

Level Price  
Monthly Membership $30.00 per Month. Select
Mastermind Members Class $397.00 now. Select