Holistic Education & Life Care Planning

Leesa Haire ND, RPh, QBS

I want to introduce to you a world of natural support that will enhance your quality of life. Hello, I am Doctor Leesa Haire. Some of you may know me as The All Natural Pharmacist. That’s right my background came straight out of the traditional medical model in pharmacy. I worked for over 25 years witnessing the triumphs and failures of prescription drugs. The problem, as I see it, is that our prescription drugs are developed to manage disease. By definition you must have a disease and who wants that? One drug often leads to 3 then more. Pretty soon, you are living a life of disease management and its side effects with no emphasis on a cure.

So, since the early 1990’s I have been on a perpetual quest for the safest, most effective, natural support to enhance our quality of life and joy in living. I now hold a Doctorate as a Naturopath and am a certified biofeedback specialist. My passion is using all of the Creator’s pharmacy to improve health. I have found that there are hundreds of measures we can use to enhance clarity, energy, cellular health and healing.

One of my new tools is a health scan using biofeedback. That may be an unfamiliar term to you but it is just a measure of the energy that keeps us up and running. When it is imbalanced the body doesn’t function as strongly as it should. Getting a scan is an immediate way to find areas of weakness or stress so they may be addressed.

I also use essential oils as a primary component of my practice. One thing my experience in pharmacy taught me is no one likes to swallow pills! The beauty of essential oils is they can be used topically or just inhaled and produce their immediate and individual effects. The essential oils industry is extremely diverse and frankly, most are not therapeutic in efficacy. For this reason and this reason only, I only use one brand that is certified pure and therapeutic.

I teach all the various methods available to help us to renew our strength. These include: natural supplements, vibration, music, nutrients and so much more. What’s more they are powerful. Given the proper information, they can and do change your life.

My own experience of being a caregiver left a profound impression on me that we were failing our elders. The aim, being too focused on physical placement, but not quality of life. As Your Holistic Caregiver, we aim to give you a wealth of tools to allow aging with joy. I believe health is freedom and aging should be full of joy and wisdom from our life of experiences, so let us help you live yours to the fullest.