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Life Care Planning

A Life Care Plan defines, organizes, prioritizes and mobilizes every aspect of an elder’s care. A Life Care Plan typically includes provisions for care coordination and other forms of family support. The goal of Life Care Planning is to promote and maintain the health, safety, well-being and quality of life of elders.

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Holistic Care Products, Essential Oils

Tools For Your Plan

Essential Oils: We absolutely love essential oils! Want to know why? Let me share a few points, NOBODY likes to swallow pills, but everyone needs some support. So, what’s the alternative, with essential oils you can swipe a few drops of oils with their powerful health properties on the skin or just inhale. How easy is that? Secondly, God has given us a HUGE pharmacy of plants, spices, barks and trees. The essential oils of these plants give us the protective benefits they gave the plant. Oils can support your mood, health and give you a toxic free environment.

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Holistic Care Provider, Holistic Medicine, Holistic Health, Essential Oils

Dr. Leesa Haire

Dr. Leesa Haire is well known as The All Natural Pharmacist. Her background came straight out of the traditional medical model in pharmacy. She worked for over 25 years witnessing the triumphs and failures of prescription drugs.
Her own experience of being a caregiver left the profound impression that we were failing our elders.The aim, being too focused on physical placement, but not quality of life. As Your Holistic Caregiver, we aim to give you a wealth of tools to support aging with joy.

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Life Care Planning for Parents, Financial Planning for Long Term Care

Maureen Rulison

Maureen Rulison offers Life Care Planning, Culture Change Training, Medicaid & VA Aid & Attendance planning (with asset protection) with over 20 years experience in coordinating all aspects of transitioning Elders to next level of care and living environments. She provides expert guidance and liaison services in selecting a facility, reviewing budgets, finding funding solutions, coordinating physical moves, supervising long term care and coordinating with loved ones and decision makers.

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2018 On-site Trainings

Through our certification and training by The Eden Alternative and other degrees, certifications and professional experiences, we understand that to open minds, you must open hearts first. We offer an array of participatory training experiences that honors this natural evolutionary process and also speaks to additional non-traditional methods of providing supportive care to all members of your care partner teams – professionals and non-professionals.

  • Open Minds, Open Hearts
  • Certified Eden Associate Training
  • Certified Eden at Home Associate Training
  • Reframing Dementia – An Eden Alternative Perspective
  • Caregiver Support, With a Holistic Approach

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Did you know?

Research shows that when consumed regularly, extra virgin olive oil can lower the risk of bone fractures by a whopping 51%.1

Over an average of nine years, in one study participants had a total of 114 bone fractures. But the participants in the highest third for olive oil consumption had a 51% lower risk of fractures, compared to those in the lowest third of olive oil consumption.